частное охранное предприятие русский стиль

Established in 2007, private security company RUSSKIY STIL, is now a leading division of the Safeguard Security Holding (SSH) SPHERE, which offers its customers a full range of integrated security and safety.
The Excellent level of customer services, provided by private security company RUSSKIY STIL is achieved by qualified security personnel and the highly experienced management staff, that have been working in the field of protection and security for more than 10 years.
Private security company RUSSKIY STIL operates in accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, Federal Law on non-govenrmental (private) detective and security services in Russia), Federal Law № 272-FZ on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Russia in connection with the improvement of state control in the field of private security and detective activities, Federal Law оn weapons and the other core documents, regulating the activities of private security companies.
The employees of PSC RUSSKIY STIL  have the legal status of private security guards and have the precise knowledge and long experience in property protection, physical security,  cargo and cash security and integrated security systems.

Our private security company has successfully proven the ability to fulfill its treaty obligations in all areas of security, such as:

- Protection of banks

- Protection of industrial enterprises

- Protection of retailer stores and shopping centers

- Private physical security (Bodyguards)

- Cargo security

- Security support of cash and valuables transportation

- Protection of residential complexes

- Protection of constructional objects

As a full-service private security company, RUSSKIY STIL uses an optimal combination of personnel and technology, such as access control systems (ACS), metal detectors, CCTV, perimeter protection, Fire & PA systems. Should the need be RUSSKIY STIL, LLC. , in cooperation with other private security firms – members of Safeguard Security Holding (SSH) SPHERE  may use special authorized equipment (handcuffs, rubber truncheons, electric shockers, etc.) and service weapons. Also, rapid response team (RRT) may be used to enhance the security regime in the event of contingency situation.

The overriding objective of private security company RUSSKIY STIL is not only to provide an effective protective solutions for every customer’s specific need, but to timely understand the threat, minimize the risk and mitigate vulnerabilities.

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